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What is SoloSuit?

One-in-four consumers in the US (28 percent) with a credit report in the Consumer Credit Panel or CCP had at least one third-party collections tradeline on their file in 2018. SoloSuit is a service that combats this, providing solutions for fighting off debt collectors, settling prior debts, and regaining your financial stability with services like:


SoloSuit is a web app that allows you to quickly create an automated legal response to a potential debt lawsuit by responding to a series of questions. It's a free service that helps people prepare responses to debt-related claims. If you've been served with a Summons and Complaint, SoloSuit can help.

The SoloSuit website will walk you through a series of questions. Your Summons and Complaint paperwork or your personal knowledge can help you respond to those inquiries. In this article, we’ll look more in-depth at our partner, SoloSuit, who can benefit from their services, and more about how SoloSuit works.

Who Should Use SoloSuit?

Fear of being sued for a debt can be paralyzing. To prepare a response, simply speaking with attorneys and comprehending their rates might be intimidating. SoloSuit allows you to submit all of your information and responses like an attorney would, without you having to leave the house. It's completely free for anybody to use and is easy to locate.


SoloSuit is a free online tool that may be used by anybody who has been sued for debt in the United States. It allows you to prepare a response to a lawsuit, even if you don't have much money. There are no financial requirements to utilize SoloSuit’s Debt Lawsuit Response feature.

How SoloSuit Works

To create a response using SoloSuit, you'll need both your complaint and summons. The website will first request that you create a password and enter your email address. It will then require you to present the information that is available on your complaint and summons documents.

After you've filled in the necessary details from the forms, the application goes through each claim on your complaint. You have the option of agreeing or disagreeing with the statement. It's critical that you pick the proper answer because this will be used to create your court filing.

Here's what you need to do:

SoloSuit allows you to send automated responses directly to the people, places, and companies that need to hear from you. For an additional fee, they'll have it submitted with the Court and the Plaintiff's Attorney for you. SoloSuit offers other paid features like:


These services can help you negotiate a settlement with collectors, reach an agreement outside of court, or validate whether a debt is even yours, to begin with. More importantly, these services can stop the harassing phone calls and letters from debt collectors.


Rather than rushing to file paperwork as soon as you find out about a lawsuit, start utilizing SoloSuit right away. You have to respond to your complaint within a certain period of time, and it may go by quickly. The sooner you take advantage of the program, the better your chances are of responding on time, and with Mailform, sending your response via mail online is easier than ever.

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