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Your legal documents go directly from document preparation to the mail: never leave your desk to send mail again. Instantly print and mail any standard letter-sized document with flexible service options (including both electronic and physical return receipts for certified mail), as well as next day delivery*. Law offices and legal services providers use Mailform to simplify their mailing processes and produce faster results for their customers.

Go from electronic documents in your legal practice management system directly into secure, same or next day mailing without printers, stamps, scheduling pickups or visiting the post office.

Simplify Mailings

Mailform is the easiest way to send physical mail online.

Flexible Service Options

Access the broadest set of options from a single screen: with Mailform you can send invoices, mail physical copies of court filings or legal matters, or offer your customers additional services like priority copies of necessary documents without additional infrastructure or setup costs. Services include:
1. Subject to our delivery schedule; see for more information.


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