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Over $5,000,000 in Quickbooks invoices sent via USPS First Class Mail, with Mailform

Updated 10.2.2023

Mailform, first and foremost is a workflow tool, and it’s designed to make your work more convenient by reducing manual work you would have to do offline.One thing lots of people use Mailform for is sending invoices. We have been asking ourselves how to make this easier.

Today, many businesses create invoices in Quickbooks, and then print and mail them by hand. Instead of trawling through your unsent invoices, selecting the individual ones to print, and then folding them by hand, getting stamps, stuffing envelopes, and sending. You probably do this by hand, or have a person dedicated to managing account recievables who does this by hand. Some businesses spend dozens of hours doing this every month. It’s wasteful, inefficient, and tedious.

With Mailform + QuickBooks you can automate this process and save hundreds of hours in 2017:

  1. Link your Quickbooks Account to Mailform. 

  2. When asked to link Mailform, click  'Connect Quickbooks' and follow the on screen instructions: 


  3. We’ll automatically import your unsent invoices into Mailform. Choose which invoices you’d like to send, hit “Confirm” 

  4. Mailform defaults to black and white, double sided items sent via USPS First Class Mail. You can choose to

    • Print in color
    • Print single sided
    • Send your items via USPS Certified Mail (we provide you with a USPS Tracking Link) 
  5. Once you’ve made your selections, hit “Send”.

And that’s it! Try our QuickBooks integration at And email with questions, comments or suggestions.

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"Mailform saves me time. Period."

- Alex Andon, Simility

"We print monthly invoices and the quick support is fantastic!"

- Brett Florio, FoxyCart