Recover Unpaid Invoices

Mailform is the easiest way to collect unpaid invoices, by printing and mailing them to customers

Mailform is the easiest tool for recovering unpaid invoices, by printing and mailing them to customers. Nowadays popular accounting services like Quickbooks, Harvest, Freshbooks or Xero automatically email invoices to your customers and clients.

Lots of invoices go unpaid because they either go into spam.

Mailform solves this problem, with our integrations with Quickbooks, Xero, Harvest and Freshbooks. Here's how: 

1. Mailform automatically detects unpaid invoices in your Quickbooks/Xero/Harvest/Freshbooks account

2. We'll automatically import your unpaid invoices, and customer addresses.

3. Hit send - we'll mail your unpaid invoices via USPS First Class Mail. You can even choose to send unpaid invoices via USPS Certified Mail, which will give you tracking numbers to know when customers recieved it. 

You no longer have to spend hours and hours printing, stamping, and stuffing invoices in envelopes to ensure they got recieved. For a primer on how to use Mailform with Quickbooks, see below:


Mailform is making sending invoices easier than ever before. Try us out - you won't be disappointed.

These happy customers and businesses are using Mailform

"Mailform saves me time. Period."

- Alex Andon, Simility

"We print monthly invoices and the quick support is fantastic!"

- Brett Florio, FoxyCart