Business Bulk Mail

If you're looking for a solid business bulk mail tool, you've come to the right place

You might need to send business bulk mail for a lot of reasons. Our customers use Mailform to send everything - from tax documents, to reminders, to personalized letters, to invoices, promotions and more.

There are several ways you can use Mailform for business bulk mail:

  1. Our basic option is perfect for promotions, letters and campaigns.
  2. Our Quickbooks Integration is perfect for invoices if you use Quickbooks for accounting and receivables management.
  3. If you use Harvest, we support that too .
  4. Same for FreeAgent.
  5. Same for Freshbooks.

If you plan to send lots of business bulk mail, email for a bulk discount!


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These happy customers and businesses are using Mailform

"Mailform saves me time. Period."

- Alex Andon, Simility

"We print monthly invoices and the quick support is fantastic!"

- Brett Florio, FoxyCart