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Mailform is Hiring a Business Analyst to accelerate Growth

Company Background

Mailform is technology company, building automation software for physical mail pieces by managing postage, logistics and data for our customers. We enable individuals and teams to easily send physical mail and integrate into the systems and software which their data and documents live. Our solutions are focused on creating an easy transaction process, drawing information from disparate sources, resolving complexities of many to many mailings and providing both reliability and analytics information.

Snail mail is well on its way to being easy to use on the internet and our goal is to integrate and simplify the ecosystem of 50bn+ documents which are sent by major carriers in the USA alone. We want to change the way in which both individuals and companies engage with forms and mail by bringing them online and making the process effortless.

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As an early member of the Mailform team (currently 6 ) you will have a significant impact on the direction, culture and eventual success of the Company. We envision this role as one that grows into a lead role in which you’ll eventually hire and grow the business analysis functions and processes for the company. We are a small group and treat all of our new employees as members of a family. In practice, this means that we share common goals and argue vigorously to achieve them with the guiding principle that our relationships and achievements are bound together.

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We’re based in the USA and we are focused on providing for the needs of our employees.

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