Certified Mail Cost

Wondering what's Certified Mail Cost? $3.30 with the USPS, and $8.99 with Mailform

Send Mail Online MailformOnce you've decided to send USPS Certified Mail, you have a couple of ways to send it:

  1. You can head to the post office, and select Certified Mail as an option for your letter or package. Done this way, it costs about $3.35
  2. You can use Mailform, and send USPS Certified Mail from the comfort of your home. With Mailform, it costs about $8.99. Try it now (get 10% off with the promo code "CERTIFIED2019")

Here's how to send USPS Certified Mail Online:

Certified Mail costs are only one part of a decision to use Certified Mail. The United States Post Office has several services you can use, depending on your needs, including:

USPS Postage Service Used Applicable Rates (Current as of January 2017)
Fee for: 1 ounce USPS First Class Mail $0.46
Fee For: USPS Certified Mail $3.35
Fee for: Additional ounces of First Class Mail $0.21
Fee for: Flats 1 ounce rate (9″ X 12″) $0.98
Fee for: Restricted Delivery Service $4.95
Fee for: Electronic Delivery Confirmation Receipt $0.80
Fee for: Return Receipt (old version) $2.75
Fee for: Return Receipt (updated version) $1.45

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