Submit a Debt Validation Letter

The Easiest Way to Send Legal Mail Online

Submit a Debt Validation Letter
Do you need to respond to a collection letter on behalf of your clients? 

Did you know that you can mail these documents right from your computer?

Likely you have a lot of paperwork to manage, having to send and receive letters with your clients, opposing counsels, and other interested parties every day. We know this process can be very time-consuming, especially if the law firm does everything manually. That is why Mailform has developed the fastest and most efficient way to send your physical mail online.

Mailform is a web application that allows users to easily create and send letters, invoices, and other documents electronically. For law firms, security is a top priority. Mailform is a secure application that uses SSL encryption to protect users' information. 

Mailform is used by many law firms to send physical mail online. There are no subscription fees or cost to join. You can create your free account and start sending mail online within minutes. Mailform also provides easy access to order history and the option to add team members to your account who can also send mail online and keep all the orders in one place.

All you need to do is:

Mailform takes care of the rest! 

For law firms, Mailform is the perfect solution for sending mail online. With Mailform, law firms can save time and money by sending mail electronically instead of through the postal service. In addition, Mailform helps law firms stay organized by keeping all sent mail in one place.  

Mailform offers HIPAA compliant mailing, meaning that it meets the security and privacy requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. By using Mailform, law firms can ensure that their information is safe and secure.

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