Send FreshBooks invoices via ground mail

Easily Print and Mail FreshBooks Invoices: Mailform is the premier FreshBooks ground mail invoicing solution

Updated 11.12.2019

Mailform is the easiest tool for printing and mailing FreshBooks invoices. Many clients still require businesses to send them physical invoices via snail mail, and in the past that meant a person needed to organize the invoices, print them, stamp them, stick them in envelopes, and mail them. With Mailform, none of this is necessary. 

How to print and mail FreshBooks invoices

  1. First, head over here to link FreshBooks. Hit "Get Started with FreshBooks":To send Ground Mail via FreshBooks, select "Get Started with FreshBooks"
  2. You'll see the "Connect to Mailform" view. Select "Allow Access":Select "Allow Access". This will automatically create a Mailform account for you, and import your FreshBooks invoices and addresses so they can easily be sent.
  3. Once your FreshBooks account is linked, we'll import all your unsent invoices. You should see all your invoices in a list, including those you've previously sent. If you want to send invoices via ground mail, tap the "Yes/No" switch:
  4. You can send invoices via USPS Standard Class mail, and we give you lots of options. FreshBooks invoices come printed double sided, and with return envelopes by default. You can print in color if you like (great for logos) choose single sided, or add Certified Mail service or return receipts. 

Mailform always worked with FreshBooks Classic, and now works perfectly with the new FreshBooks, to make sending ground mail as easy as possible. Try us out - you won't be disappointed. And feel free to email with questions, comments or suggestions.

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"Mailform saves me time. Period."

- Alex Andon, Simility

"We print monthly invoices and the quick support is fantastic!"

- Brett Florio, FoxyCart