Post Letter Online

Mailform is the easiest way for you to post a letter online

In modern times, sending emails are easy. Posting letters still requires you to print, mail, stamp, lick envelopes, and go to the post office or mailbox. In 2015, Mailform made it super easy to post letters online.

Here’s how to post a letter online:

  1. Head over to and upload the letter you want to send. PDFs work best.
  2. Tap "NEXT" to go to choose a recipient
  3. Enter your recipient's information, including their name and mailing address.
  4. Enter your name and return address
  5. Choose from several options we have, including printing in color, printing double sided vs. single sided, a self addressed return envelope, sending via USPS Certified Mail with a tracking link).

Pay with PayPal or with a credit card. It's as easy as ever.

These happy customers and businesses are using Mailform

"Mailform saves me time. Period."

- Alex Andon, Simility

"We print monthly invoices and the quick support is fantastic!"

- Brett Florio, FoxyCart