Easily Import, Print,

Mailform is the easiest way to print and mail your invoices in FreeAgent. Many clients still require physical invoices sent via snail mail. In the past, you would have to organize invoices, print, fold, and stuff them into envelopes, then lick envelopes and stamp them, and mail them. With Mailform, this is all done online: 

Here’s how you use it:

  1. First, create an account

  2. Next, tap the "Integrations" tab in the top right, and select "FreeAgent. You'll be asked to authorize Mailform to access your FreeAgent account.

  3. Once your FreeAgent account is linked, we'll import all your unsent invoices. You can then choose which ones you would like to send.

  4. You can send invoices via USPS First Class mail, and we give you lots of options. You can print in color if you like (great for logos), single or double sided, and you can choose to include a tearaway slip and a return envelope. For sensitive materials, you can also use our Certified Mail option, which provides you a USPS Tracking Number so you can ensure the mail is delivered.

Mailform makes sending FreeAgent invoices easier than ever before. Try us out - you won't be disappointed.

These happy customers and businesses are using Mailform

"Mailform saves me time. Period."

- Alex Andon, Simility

"We print monthly invoices and the quick support is fantastic!"

- Brett Florio, FoxyCart