Invoice Printing and Mailing Services: An Industry Overview

The best apps for printing and mailing invoices and statements, for small and large businesses

Updated 12.29.2019

Every business owner knows the drill—the painstaking process of carefully tracking services or products, itemizing each detail, and then transforming all of this information into invoices that can be read (and paid) by clientele.

Once all of that is complete, these invoices need to be sent out in a timely and efficient manner. It's almost another full-time job in itself.

Fortunately, online services, SaaS platforms, and personal accounting software are making it easier for business owners to ditch the headache of manual invoicing. Here we've compiled a list of some of the most commonly used tools on the market for invoice printing and mailing.


According to their website, LetterStream has been performing invoice services for over a decade. The company acts as an outsourced billing department, taking the information provided by the business owner, printing it, and mailing it out.

LetterStream offers statement and invoice options that start from $1.10 per invoice. Customers will need to provide PDF files or templates, and LetterStream offers several paper stock options to print invoices on. These are mailed to recipients first class with the option to expedite if necessary.

This service is marketed as a time saver for busy companies that don't have the time or staff to handle printing and mailing large numbers of invoices every month. However, the price point may be a bit high for smaller businesses that handle a large volume of low-dollar orders. 


Docusend bills itself as an all-inclusive service that prints, folds, seals, sends, and reports on invoices and other business materials. The service is made to integrate with several other types of accounting software.

The company starts its pricing at $0.80 per invoice and $0.08 for each additional page. This is roughly consistent with industry-standard pricing, but of course, many business owners might not be able to stomach paying that extra eight cents for each additional page of the invoice.

Docusend also requires business owners to include the recipient's address on the PDF. They may charge an additional fee if they have to track down an address that doesn't align with the original request. Business owners should also know that while there are plenty of options available through Docusend, these can also come at an added charge. However, those with a large volume of documents that need to go out each month may be eligible for additional discounts. It's all about finding the best fit for your needs.

Towne Mailer

Towne Mailer offers invoice printing and mailing services at a fast turnover rate, and markets itself as a company designed to save business owners time. It claims to free up staff for other tasks while the boring, menial business of printing and sending invoices can be entirely outsourced to the Towne Mailer team.

The company makes good on these claims too, with a stated goal of printing and mailing invoices in 24 hours or less for most customers. This is a pretty ambitious timeframe compared to other companies offering similar services.

Towne Mailer offers a whole range of services which can be appealing to business owners looking to outsource more than just invoice printing and sending. They also work with QuickBooks, though clients would have to reach out directly to find out if Towne Mailer integrates directly with any other types of accounting software. The company doesn't offer upfront pricing and instead asks that business owners request a quote.

Postal Methods

Postal Methods is designed for business owners who need to send out time-sensitive documents but who don't have the staff or resources to do so. This company has the bandwidth to accommodate businesses of all shapes and sizes, and they claim to be able to service Fortune 500 companies at the same level of satisfaction as small businesses.

Postal Methods is also HIPAA certified. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 establishes the regulations for sharing medical information. Being HIPAA-certified means that Postal Methods is equipped to service hospitals and medical providers of all sorts.

The pricing typically exceeds a dollar for small batches of invoice printing and mailing, though a larger company sending more than a thousand invoices may be eligible for a much deeper discount. Postal Methods is a great option for medical professionals, but small companies sending low-dollar invoices might take issue with their pricing.


MailPros (or PMSI) offers an array of professional services designed to make printing and mailing invoices quick and easy for business owners. This is another company that works as an outsourced billing department and saves smaller businesses time and money when they don't have the resources they need to do their own invoicing.

MailPros offers extreme personalization and allows clients to brand their correspondence with logos and to choose the color and layout. MailPros also offers each of its clients a personal representative to handle their accounts. This allows them to develop a more complete understanding of what the customer wants and serves to expedite communication.

The company uses an online tracking system so that customers can see what stage their invoices are in. Turnaround time is anywhere from 24 to 72 hours, and customers typically have control over the type of postage used to mail out invoices. MailPros doesn't feature an easily accessible price list, making it difficult to make a direct comparison between this service and others in the market.


FSSI is one of the oldest operating invoice printing and mailing services in the western United States. Like the others, this company offers to take over all of your tedious invoicing duties, enabling business owners to cut costs and make better use of staff hours. FSSI helps reduce the need for additional printing equipment, software, and payroll associated with invoicing and other types of official correspondence.

FSSI offers compliant data services and adheres to all legal security and privacy standards. The company provides online reporting that allows customers to track their orders in real time. However, FSSI does not list pricing directly on the page, which means potential customers will need to contact the company directly to determine rates and compare them with other services.

Smart Payables

Smart Payables is an invoice printing and physical mail service that puts control in the hands of the consumer. They allow business owners to design and send out patient, bank, and marketing statements, either individually or bundled—saving time and money in the process. This is a useful feature for a small business owner who operates on a more sporadic invoicing schedule. Smart Payables also allows customers to choose the size of the paper, adding another way for companies to put a personal touch on their documents.

This company offers additional assets like return envelopes for billing and marketing design assistance for those who don't know exactly how to brand their documents to match their online presence. Instead of a direct price list, Smart Payables gives potential customers a contact form so they can request further information.


MailXstream is a pretty basic print to mail service that focuses on accommodating business by using simple processes that get the job done. The company will take the uploaded data, print out the invoice, stuff the envelopes, and have the invoices ready to go at the post office by the next day.

MailXstream bills itself as the go-to tool for third-party billers who want to maintain consistency and establish a professional revenue cycle.


Of course, we had to save the best service for last!

We built Mailform to make sending mail easier. It really is that simple. We wanted to design a mailing service that made it possible for any business owner to prepare and start sending documents in a matter of minutes.

Mailform enables anyone in any profession who needs to send a digital document to get the job done easily. We all know that email isn't always the most efficient way to get your point across. So, whether you need to send out an urgent notice or an invoice that needs paid ASAP, Mailform makes it possible.

The cornerstones of good business are efficiency and customer service. That's why we designed our invoice printing and mailing system around the needs of our clients and their customers. Mailform makes it easy to do invoice printing and mailing, by working natively with several accounting and invoice management services, including:

We offer integrations that aren't available anywhere else and use only the highest quality materials to help your company do more.

Not only do we offer the best service, but we also try to do so at the best price for our consumers. Where many other companies' prices may look low at first, the total can quickly add up when you include additional necessities. Mailform believes in being up front about everything, from pricing to options to turnaround time. And of course, we offer discounts for companies who send bulk mail on a regular and frequent basis. When you choose us, you know that your documents are arriving quickly, accurately, and at a rate you can afford.

Maillform is the best option for companies who are looking at serious growth potential, and who need that extra reassurance that their invoices (or other documents) are arriving at the right place and the right time. This speeds up the revenue cycle, provides ample time for people to pay, and ensures financial accountability—which is essential for any business at any stage. 

For busy professionals who need to print or send invoices on the go, Mailform also offers an Android-compatible app. This is a great option for:

What to Look for in an Invoice Printing and Mailing Company

When choosing an invoice printing and mailing company, the first thing to consider is your company's unique needs.

Take an inventory of the number of invoices that need to be sent out each month, the billing cadence, and the likelihood that your business will grow or slow down in the near future. This can help you plan for the type of invoicing service you will need and choose the pricing that's going to work with your current and future budget.

What Mailform Can Do for You

No matter what profession you're in, you're going to have overhead—bills that need to get paid so everything keeps running smoothly. These bills get paid when you do, so failing to keep up with invoices, whether due to delayed mail or a subpar invoicing service, can throw a real wrench in the works. Getting behind on payments could put any company in a financial bind, but for a smaller business, a lost or delayed invoice can be the difference between financial stability and potential collapse.

That's why we at Mailform put such an emphasis on the quality of our services. Digital technology gives business owners the opportunity to outsource many of the daily activities that can add to your company's overhead in a big way. By outsourcing your company's invoice printing and mailing invoices online, you can save money on overhead while ensuring that all your bills are paid on time. 

Mailform has streamlined the invoicing process from start to finish. This works to your advantage by:

Mailform was created to make it easy for busy professionals to send almost anything through the mail in just a matter of minutes. We've worked hard to make our service accessible, affordable, and easy to use. It's a philosophy that goes beyond good business practices—it's a product of our commitment to being the best in the industry and the company you trust for all of your mailing needs.

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