How to send a letter via FedEx Overnight Delivery

Mailform is the easiest way to send a document via FedEx Overnight Service, right from your browser

Wondering how to send a letter, document or form via FedEx Standard Overnight?

Mailform is the easiest way to print and mail via FedEx Standard Overnight. When you use Mailform, you'll get an email when

You'll get all these by simply uploading a document and an address and hitting send. No need to get an envelope, head to the nearest Kinko's and so on. Here's how to send FedEx Standard Overnight:

  1. First, head to, and upload your document. This can be a word, pdf or jpg doc. If you run into issues, please email us at your document
  2. Enter the recipient's address. This is where you want the mail to go to. Be sure to enter this clearly, - you can even use Google Maps ( to check and verify the address prior to entering it in. Enter a destination address
  3. Enter your return address. Enter a return address
  4. Choose your printing options. Mailform has several printing options for FedEx Standard Overnight, including:
    1. Printing in Color vs. Black and White: By default, we print in black and white. If you'd like your mail to be printed in color, please specify in this section. This is ideal if you're sending presentation materials or anything where color detail is important.
    2. Double vs. Single Sided: By default, we print everything double sided. This means that if you're sending something that is 100 pages, it comes out to only 50 physical pages of paper, and that's all you pay for.Select FedEx Standard Overnight!
  5. Confirm your order details, including your recipient, your return address, your order details (color, sides, speed)
  6. Hit "Pay and Send". FedEx Standard Overnight orders placed by 430 EST will be routed to an open, convenient FedEx Kinko’s location on the same day, and handed off to FedEx on the same day. Orders placed after 430 EST will be handed off the next day
  7. Once shipped, we'll email you with a tracking number. You can head over to to track your package. We'll also email you a delivery notification when your mail has been delivered safely to its destination.

Email us at with questions, comments concerns or suggestions! If you're looking for other FedEx options, check out our sister site, SendOvernightMail.

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