How to Send and Track Certified Mail

Track Certified Mail with a USPS Tracking Number

Mailform is the easiest way to send and track USPS Certified Mail

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The USPS lets you track Certified Mail using a USPS Tracking Number. Mailform helps you send USPS Certified Mail right from your computer, and provides the USPS Tracking Number to you via email. As soon as the tracking number is available, we email it to you, and as soon as your Certified Mail is delivered, we send you an email notification as well. Tracking your Certified Mail has never been easier. 

If you have less than 35 documents to track you can go to the USPS Manage Screen. If you want to track 100's or thousands, we are building a solution for business owners to track all of their certified mail documents online and link them to cost codes, customer ID's etc. If you have an annoying Certified Mail management problem, or you want to hear when we are finished building our new tool drop us a line here 

Now Here's how it works:

  1. Head over to, and upload the letter or document that you want to send via USPS Certified MailHead over to Mailform, and upload the letter you're sending.
  2. Enter the destination address. This is the address where you expect the recipient to recieve your letter.Enter a destination address, where you'd like your recipient to receive your USPS Certified Mail
  3. Enter the return address (this is where it should go if it can't be delivered). This is important - you should ensure that this is an address where you can receive mail.Provide a return address for your Certified Mail
  4. Select "Certified Mail" at checkout.Select "Certified Mail" at checkout
  5. Once your order is shipped and handed off to the USPS, we'll send you the USPS Tracking Number and link in the mail! This will allow you track your mail via In addition, we'll email you when your Certified Mail has been delivered!

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With Mailform, you can send USPS Certified Mail right from your computer, so you never have to leave the comfort of your home or office. You also have the benefit of getting the USPS tracking number delivered to you via email, and we tell you when your item was delivered. Tracking numbers are useful for knowing where the item you sent is, at any moment in time, and for knowing when your mail was delivered.


Mailform makes it easier than ever before to send USPS Certified Mail, and get a USPS tracking number. Try us now, at, or email if you're sending lots of mail and you want a bulk discount!!

How to Track USPS Certified Mail on

  1. To track USPS Certified Mail, head over to the USPS website here: 1: Head over to the USPS Website
  2. Enter your tracking number(s) into the field provided. Remember, this only works for USPS mail (not FedEx, UPS, or DHL)Enter your tracking number
  3. Hit "Track". You'll be taken to a view with the status of your Certified Mail. Of course, with Mailform, we'll send you this via email!Review the status of your Certified Mail

How to get a tracking number for USPS Certified Mail

All USPS Certified Mail come with tracking numbers. If you sent your Certified Mail at the post office, you will be able to locate your tracking number on your payment receipt. If you used an online service like Mailform, you'll get your tracking number via email, and you can either wait to recieve the delivery confirmation via email as well, or you can head directly to the USPS website and do it yourself: .

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