Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Mailform

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Mail Service Delays due to COVID-19 (Apr 20 2020)

Given the unprecedented challengis the COVID-19 Pandemic is creating. Many USPS distribution facilities accross the country have been affected, and we've seen from recent data that some of our orders have been directly affected. The USPS more recently officially increased Expected Delivery timing for First Class and Priority Mail.

Mailform is still very much open and able to print and hand mail to the USPS for both single and bulk mail, but customers with time sensitive documents should consider these delays when selecting a class of service and be mindful of new guidance throughout our platform around estimated delivery times. 

Please read the coronavirus statements from the USPS and FedEx, and use the WORKFROMHOME discount code to get 30% off  through May 15 2020.

Mail Service Delays due to COVID-19 (Apr 6 2020)

USPS and FedEx are reporting some residential and business delivery delays around the country. Mailform is still accepting orders, but your letter might take a little longer than usual. We’re keeping a close eye on the news, and will be ready to modify services as the situation changes. Please read the coronavirus statements from the USPS and FedEx.

Sending Snail Mail During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Mailform is a virtual mailroom for small businesses. We built our app to be a convenient and helpful tool, and now more than ever we want to help small businesses fulfill their mail needs safely and easily.

So many businesses are being asked to get work done from home, and we’re here to help. As long as the mail is still being delivered, we can help you skip the line and streamline your outbound workflow. Available data shows that there is a very low risk of transmission via mail because of the poor survivability of coronaviruses on paper surfaces.

Working from Home? Put Mailform to Work

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a substantial tragic impact across the globe. The most useful information about the novel coronavirus and best practices can be found via the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.

Our virtual mailroom is here to help. Use the discount code WORKFROMHOME to get 30% off our mail services for the next 4 weeks. Stay safe, stay home, and let us do the rest. With the situation changing from moment to moment, this is our small contribution to our customers and growing community.

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