How to Send Bulk Certified Mail

Looking to send Bulk Certified Mail via USPS? Use Mailform - it's as easy as it gets. With Mailform you can send demolition notices, settlement notices, class action letters, medical recall notices, and many more!

Many businesses need to send bulk mail via the USPS from time to time. Only a few businesses need to send bulk certified mail, and there are not a lot of tools for them. We built Mailform to solve this problem - we make it super easy to send bulk mail to as many people as you want, and to get tracking numbers for all of them in the process. Here's how to send bulk Certified Mail via the USPS:

  1. Sign up for Mailform. Your account lets you track your orders and history.
  2. Upload all the documents and PDFs you want to send via bulk Certified Mail.
  3. Enter all the addresses for recipients. You can also upload a CSV of all the addresses.
  4. Select the 'Certified Mail' option for all the applicable documents
  5. And that's it!

Mailform's Bulk Certified Mail Service is perfect for

For all these types of mail, you'll assurance that the documents/notices were delivered, as well as a tracking number that can assist with any audits going forward. Mailform is purpose built to satisfy these requirements. Sending lots of bulk Certified Mail? Email for a bulk discount!!

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