Law firm Invoices

Send your law firm invoices via USPS First Class Mail

Law firms handle lots of documents, and send tons of invoices at the end of each month. Normally sending documents and invoices is incredibly tedious. Today, Mailform makes this problem go away. Here's how:

  1. Law firms can upload and send as many legal documents as they want, using Mailform's ONLINE Bulk Mail Tool. These can be sent via USPS First Class or Certified Mail in case they are sensitive and you want a delivery confirmation. Mailform is completely automated, so it's super cheap!
  2. Law firms can send legal invoices super easily as well, using our invoicing tool, which automatically imports your unsent invoices and customer addresses from Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Freeagent, or Harvest. No matter what accounting software you use, you'll be good to go.

Here's Quickbooks in action:

To date, millions of dollars in invoices have been sent using Mailform, so what are you waiting for?

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- Alex Andon, Simility

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